• Martin Mathew

Americans Nationals Can Become Citizens of St Kitts and Nevis in Two Months

S political unrest reaches a breaking point in the United States. American nationals will be pleased to know that there is a lucrative investment opportunity in St Kitts and Nevis's dual-island nation that culminates in the receival of second citizenship. Since 1984, the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis has offered wealthy investors a safe and secure route to dual citizenship under its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme once making an economic contribution to its Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF).

Americans Nationals Can Become Citizens of St Kitts and Nevis in Two Months

Once investing in the SGF, applicants must undergo meticulous vetting procedures that involve a multi-tiered approach utilising both local and international agencies. After successfully passing the necessary security checks, which can take as little as 60 days, investors gain citizenship and can thus apply for their second passport. Revenue generated from the CBI Programme is then channelled into national development projects ranging from healthcare and education to infrastructure and tourism.

"Established almost 40 years ago, the oldest CBI programme in the world, it implements a strict due diligence process in full compliance with national legislation and international standards. The program also helps fund community-focused projects that drive economic growth for local people and investors and is a major driver of inward investment," Les Khan, the CEO of St Kitts and Nevis' CBI Unit, wrote for C-Suite Quarterly.

The benefits that stem from acquiring dual citizenship include increased travel mobility to nearly 160 countries and territories, an advantage that much of the western world can no longer enjoy as COVID restrictions lead to another wave of lockdowns across the globe. In addition to travel freedom, investors gain access to alternative business prospects and pass down citizenship for generations.

Those who become citizens of St Kitts and Nevis enjoy a fruitful business environment in a Caribbean paradise, prioritising maintaining the rule of law. The dual island nation reports only 33 confirmed coronavirus cases with zero deaths, demonstrating an ability to implement stringent measures and protect its citizens.